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HIV and STI Testing

At Womens Health Clinic, you will have a confidential consultation with a nurse who will discuss your concerns and recommend any tests. We recommend making an appointment for a comprehensive sexual health screening which includes HIV tests and STI testing for both women and men, as well as a pap smear for women.

What is a Pap Smear?

pap smear (or cervical smear test) is a way to check on the health of your cervix. weoffers pap smear tests to all women across the country. From first-time pap smear tests to return visits, our services are available at all our centres nationwide.

Why Get a Pap Smear

Not only can a pap smear test detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs), it’s also a quick and simple means of screening for the possibility of early warning signs of cervical cancer.

If abnormal cells are noticed during your pap smear test, they can be closely observed and/or treated to prevent cancer from developing. A pap smear test also allows a healthcare provider to check for any infections or discomfort you may be experiencing.